Detroit General and Civil Litigation Legal Services

At Chasnick and Graff we can help you with your general civil case. Cases that we typically handle include the following.

  • Breach of contract
  • Real Estate and property disputes
  • Company ownership issues
  • Collection of debts

Problems with a Contract?

While having a lawyer in initial stages of negotiation and contracting are incredibly helpful to avoid future problems, many times it is an afterthought. Businesses and individuals alike feel they do not need an attorney's assistance when reviewing a service contract, buying a house, obtaining a line of credit or entering into some general financial transaction. Trying to save a few dollars now can result in a very costly and expensive problem later on.

If you are Served with a Lawsuit

Usually you have twenty one calendar days (including weekends) after being served with a complaint to file an answer. If you do not answer in time, you will have a default and a default judgment entered against you. Once a default is in place, it means that the other side wins without you ever having your day in court. A default is similar to admitting that you did whatever you are getting sued for, simply because you failed to respond and file an answer. It is very difficult to get a court to set aside a default or a default judgment. Usually it is an expensive and an uphill battle. It is best to avoid default by contacting and hiring an attorney immediately after being served with legal papers. If you cannot afford an attorney or need additional time, one option may be for you to go to the courthouse and fill out a simple written answer, where you respond to each statement and either (a) admit, (b) deny, or (c) state that you can neither admit nor deny because you do not know. Although this last route is not recommended, it may buy you some additional time to find and hire a lawyer.

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Attorneys David Chasnick and Alan Graff are experienced in civil litigation and can provide comprehensive legal advice and business law services. Attorneys David Chasnick and Alan Graff will personally attend to your case and see that your interests are properly argued and defended in court. Remember, if you have been sued, talk to an attorney immediately! If you fail to timely respond or answer the complaint, you will be defaulted. Default means the other party will obtain a full money judgment against you, and can garnish your wages, seize your tax refund, garnish bank accounts, and more. This could cause your business to close.

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