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Clarkston Divorce Attorney

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The Clarkston divorce attorney advocates at Chasnick and Graff are experienced Clarkston divorce lawyer professionals that can provide expert legal guidance with divorce issues in Clarkston MI. At Chasnick and Graff our Clarkston Divorce lawyer specialists provide expert legal counsel in matters of marriage Separation, alimony, child custody, child support, spousal support, division of property, wills, trusts and enforcements of pre-nuptial agreements.

Clarkston Divorce Attorney

Our Clarkston divorce attorney advocates have guided hundreds of clients through divorce and family law cases in Clarkston MI. We offer expert legal guidance at reasonable fees in divorce issues like: child custody, real estate, home and property division, spousal abuse, stalking, child custody, child support, and divorce issues that require the attention of the court that handles divorce cases for residents of Clarkston Michigan. The Clarkston divorce attorney professionals at Chasnick and Graff handle divorce cases involving contested divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, child custody, parenting time, child support, property division, home and mortgage, real estate, spousal maintenance and mediation.

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A Clarkston Divorce Lawyer You Can Trust

At Chasnick and Graff we provide sound legal advice and effective representation to individuals who are involved in family law and divorce matters. The unfortunate reality is that over half of marriages end in divorce. We understand that divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person's life. We will guide you every step of the way through the divorce process, helping you through this difficult time.

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Clarkston Divorce Issues

Child Custody and Parenting Time:
Child custody is often the most contentious issue associated with divorce in Clarkston Michigan. We work closely with our divorce law clients to protect their legal rights and the legal rights of their children. We understand that great care needs to be taken when addressing family law and divorce matters involving children. We take the time to explain the legal process so that you make informed decisions.

Child Support:
Child support is the amount of money that the court orders a non-custodial parent or the parent with whom the child does not live with to pay the other parent every month for the support, health, education, and care of their children. We provide representation to married and unmarried individuals with requests to set up or establish child support, preparing for the child support hearing, challenging child support actions, and in both raising and lowering of the amount of child support owed.

Property Division:
In Clarkston, Michigan, the standard is that marital property and debts are divided fair and equitably between the two parties in a divorce. Keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean property and debts will be divided 50-50. Instead, "fair and equitable" is determined by looking at several factors such as, duration of marriage, contribution of the parties to the marital estate, age of parties, health of parties, life status of the parties, necessities and circumstances of parties, earning abilities, past relations and conduct, and general principles of equity. If the parties cannot come to an agreement regarding property division during the mediation stage of the divorce, the court will decide property division.

Spousal Support / Alimony:
Spousal support is money paid by an ex-spouse to the other for sustenance and support. In Clarkston, Michigan, marital fault can be considered when dividing property and determining spousal support. The factors considered when determining spousal support are: ability of either party to pay, length of the marriage, character and situation of the parties, past relations and conduct of the parties, ability of the parties to work, ages, needs, and health of the parties, source and amount of property awarded, present situation of parties, prior standard of living, and the fault of either party in causing the divorce.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements:
We offer comprehensive, clear, and compassionate advice in the area of Clarkston, Michigan divorce and family law. Family law issues can be stressful and complicated. To protect your personal assets and/or property before or after getting married, we can create an effective prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Clarkston Divorce Attorney

There are a number of reasons why Clarkston residents seek the legal assistance of our Clarkston divorce attorneys. Below is simply the cornerstone to our powerful Clarkston divorce practice.

Accessibility: Our Clarkston divorce attorney professionals are easy to contact and promptly return phone calls. Clients always work directly with their Clarkston divorce attorney, and unlike many other lawyers, you will not have to wait days or weeks before your Clarkston divorce attorney returns your call.

Competitive Rates: We offer the quality of large firms at small law firm prices. Because we do not have a large overhead like other law firms, our Clarkston divorce attorneys can keep prices low without sacrificing quality.

Broad Experience: Our Clarkston divorce lawyer professionals have extensive experience in several other areas of law.

Compassionate:Clarkston MI divorce attorney Deliver Fair Treatment For Every Client.

Aggressive Representation: Divorce lawyer in Clarkston MI works tirelessly to pursue your goals and obtain the best possible results when seeking a divorce in Clarkston Michigan.

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Meet The Clarkston Divorce Lawyer Advocates At Chasnick And Graff

David Chasnick: Clarkston Divorce Attorney At Law
Clarkston Divorce Lawyer David Chasnick treats every case of divorce with the same aggressive approach and attention to detail he utilized in representing large corporations. Additionally, because so many of David's cases in litigation relied upon obscure rules or technicalities, David often finds that he is more prepared then opposing lawyers. This background allows David to obtain the best possible results for his Clarkston divorce clients and gives him an advantage over Clarkston divorce attorney professionals that lack his experience.

Do I need a Clarkston Divorce Attorney?
Most people are unfamiliar with procedures to follow in family law and divorce in Clarkston Michigan. The Divorce Attorney advocates at Chasnick and Graff specialize in divorce and family law and will be able to protect your rights. If you a Clarkston divorce lawyer ... We strongly advise you to consult with us before you take action.

How much does it cost for a Clarkston Divorce Lawyer?
Most Clarkston divorce lawyer advocates charge clients on an hourly basis. At Chasnick and Graff we will handle your Clarkston divorce and family law matters on a flat fee basis whenever possible. The amount of this fee varies depending on the complexity of your case. Regardless of the fee we never charge for phone calls, copies or postage.

What does it cost for the initial meeting?
It does not cost you anything. Unlike many other firms Chasnick and Graff will not charge you for the initial meeting. We will give you as much time as you need to explain your divorce case. You will never be rushed nor pressured into signing a retainer.

Do I need a specific reason to get divorced in Clarkston Michigan?
Michigan is a "No Fault Divorce" state. This means that if you are seeking a divorce in Clarkston you are not required to allege "grounds" to receive a divorce in Clarkston Michigan. It also means that if one spouse requests a divorce in Clarkston, it will be granted regardless of whether or not the other spouse wants to get divorced. In Clarkston Michigan, your spouse cannot keep you from getting a divorce, although they can make it very difficult and time consuming. Even though fault is not necessary to obtain a divorce, it may be an issue in a divorce when deciding the division of property, spousal support and child custody.

What is the difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce in Clarkston Michigan?
An uncontested divorce in Clarkston Michigan is where one party files for divorce and the other party never files an answer. The court then grants a default judgment. Most Clarkston divorce cases are contested in some way.

How long does it take to get a divorce in Clarkston?
In Clarkston a judgment of divorce can be entered 60 days after the filing of the action. When there are minor children involved the law requires a waiting period of 180 days.

Can my spouse and I share the same Clarkston divorce attorney?
We do not recommend this. Ethically, a Clarkston divorce attorney should not represent both parties, as it could be a conflict of interest.

What are the grounds for divorce in Clarkston?
Clarkston divorce is a lawsuit filed by one spouse indicating that the martial relationship has ended. All that is required is for one party to testify that there has been a breakdown of the marital relationship to the extent that the grounds that have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.

The Professional Memberships Of Clarkston Divorce Lawyer David Chasnick
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  • Member of the Family Law Section of the Michigan State Bar
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  • Michigan Creditors Bar
  • Licensed in Federal Court

Alan Graff: Clarkston Divorce Attorney At Law
With a strong practice in many areas of law, particularly in handling matters dealing with divorce in Clarkston and all of southeast Michigan, Clarkston Divorce Lawyer Alan Graff has helped numerous clients understand the legal system and reach favorable outcomes. Alan takes great satisfaction in helping people when they are at a crossroads in their life, which is why divorce issues are so well-suited to his personality and abilities.

The Professional Memberships Of Clarkston Divorce Lawyer Alan Graff
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  • Michigan Association For Justice
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  • Michigan Creditors Bar Association
  • Criminal Defense Lawyers of Michigan

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